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08 September 2010 @ 03:01 am
Sup LJ, It's been a while but I think now is a good time to whine about how pathetic my life is right now.

So I've been in Adelaide a whole 8 months now and the only reason why its been any good is because I don't have school. Instead I have a nice casual job that pays well and I can pretty much sleep in :D Though it is a job in retail and therefore dealing with whiney customers that 75% still won't be happy if you bend over backwards and do a dance for them... the other 25% shock me when they smile and say that I've been great... That generally is enough optimism to last me for the rest of the shift. Other than the customers the people I work with are pretty great My bosses are awesome to talk to and so are the other staff.
-Helen is awesome, we bonded pretty well so she's always there for me, hopefully when things have settled down for her we'll be able to hang out more.
-Emily (my boss) Is incredible, we've had some amazing conversations about anything and everything I really feel I can talk to her and have a good laugh.
-Ollie has been kind enough to dub me with my own nick-name that seems to have stuck -RedHelen- it came from Mad Men but I love it and its a good ID since there are two Helens at work, and it really made me feel a part of something.
-Alaina and I have had some hilarious times especially when the store gets quiet and we get the afternoon loopies (y'know when you're tired and sick of standing you get a bit loopy... its fun :D)
-Louise is totally adorable. Like I just wanna hug her also she's into the anime stuffs which is so awesome :3
-LUCY Friday nights with Lucy is always amazing, she's got so many fascinating and funny stories and she's so creative so its always great to pick her brain ;D
These people have been so awesome to me and I really hope that we can do more stuff out of work together... I think I value them more than the other people I have met.

The other people I have met were great when I first met them. I was getting invited to parties and such and it was great fun but now its nothing. They are either grounded or weighed down with too much homework to be fucked to hang out with me. But the flip side is that most of the time after I've asked if they want to hang they'll go and ask someone else to come over. WTF. I thought I was an ok person. Am I really that horrible that I've been abandoned and made to look like a total loser. Forced to sit around all day at home (until I have work) because people in Adelaide are too stuck up to accept someone like me. I'm trying to make friends but it's hard when you keep getting shot down by all the cliques. *pants*

My rents are pretty good right now. Mum and I are working well together (well with dad here she's more targeting her stress at him which means she leaves me alone. She's in the Flinders range at the moment cycling so Dad and I have a massive sense of freedom... srsly its 10 to 3 in the morning and I still have my light on :D But it'll be good when she gets back. I do miss her, dad makes a lot of mess and at a time like this I really need a mum to hug

My cat is heavily pregnant with (what I think to be) 2 kittens, so excited, I think it'll be any day now. She's so fat and the kittens won't stop kicking XD

Anyway, I think thats enough for now .___. I'm pretty tired and I really should get my sleep back into a normal pattern ^^'

Night night LJ, Was a good talk. Must do it again soon :)
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27 February 2010 @ 03:11 pm
Here are:

1-11 Robert Downey Jr
12-22 David Tennant
23-26 Zachary Quinto

(All wallpapers are 240x320 which is plenty big enough for most mobiles, but if they are too big and turn out all squashed, you can resize them/crop them or I'll do it for you ^^)

Rest are Here @ reactor_icons :)
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02 February 2010 @ 12:17 am
Here are:

8 Ironman 1 Animation Icons (4 Tony/Pepper)
4 Dr. Who Animation Icons (02x01 - New Earth)

Btw, I have created a graphics comm for myself called reactor_icons. Joining/watching it will make me happy :3


Rest are Here @ reactor_icons :)
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02 February 2010 @ 12:08 am
I have successfully trasfered everything to another account so that I could correct all the stupid "Bandwidth exceeded" posts and now my photobucket accound is woking to some extent, so now I can happily say:

This journal's graphics is now up and running, but my graphics will be mostly focused on my new community reactor_icons

I am happy :3
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28 January 2010 @ 12:26 am
My photobucket "Bandwith" shit has been "exceeded" WTF GTFO! I HATE YOU!!!! D<
Lukily there is another account that I have which still works but HOW LONG SO I HAVE TIL THAT FUCKS UP HEY?!?!? But anyway, Photobucket isn't liking me at the moment seeing how it's not uploading stuff properly anyway so to anyone that is reading this:

Graphics on this journal will be on hiatus until futher notice

This doesn't mean I'll stop making them whilst PB is being a douche, so when it does, there will be an epic post filled with IM 1 icon animations for tony_edw_stark along with some RDJ wallpapers and icons with the pretty pictures I have found

Grrrrrrrr sooooooo angry. And this is ON TOP of the scary text I got from Mr. Hawk this morning T_T

That is all.
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25 January 2010 @ 09:45 pm
Alright, Same dealio as last time but now for all you shippers out there I have:

2 Robert/Jude Headers
3 Tony/Pepper Headers

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Credit if Taking
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23 January 2010 @ 07:28 pm
Here are:

800x400px 5 Robert Downey Jr. Headers for Journals, Comms, what ever you want ;D

If you want me to add any text onto it OR if you need help putting it somewhere I can do that ^^

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Credit if Taking
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16 January 2010 @ 03:00 pm
Well after a very tiring maunal screencapping process, here are:

8 IronMan 2 animations (from the trailer)


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12 January 2010 @ 07:03 pm
I decided to spend my time on an internet-less farm making animations ;D so here are:

6 Sherlock Holmes icon animations
12 Ironman big-ish animations
1 Big-ish Sherlock Holmes Animation for your viewing pleasure


1 2

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09 January 2010 @ 11:19 am
After posting my first batch of Robert Downey Jr. Icons I decided to make another journal post.

The past couple of days I spent with my Aunt on a farm and it was horrible. No reception, No Internet and nothing to do. Sure, its great for a kid who doesn't care about the things listed above, in face it's heaven but for a teenage girl it's HELL

So now I'm back at Sue and David's place, Jen isn't here wich makes it a little less exciting, but at least I have internet and aircon ^-^

I placed Kiss Kiss Bang Bang on order and -Lol at Hugo the 3 legged cat maowing at me- since I called 5 FUCKING STORES and they all had sold out! So Sue bought it off the internet and I paid her back. So excited to get it.

Saw Sherlock Holmes on tuesday with Jen, Greg and other people and it was FUCKING AWESOME! Robert Downey Jr was fantastically sexy funny. Going to go see it again soon with Sue ;D I'm going to have so much fun with animations when the DVD comes out.

Thats about it for now, Missing Kheira heaps :(
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